Spring Climbing

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since my last blog post! Part of the reason is I can’t decide if it’s better to post content to facebook or my blog. If you haven’t been to my facebook page you should follow me there as I seem to keep that more up to date then my blog. I go back and forth which is why I haven’t posted on my blog in awhile.

Anyways – A couple weeks ago I went out to Grand Junction to hang out with Ben Rueck and Mayan Smith-Gobat. These are two pro climbers and are sponsored by brands such as Adidas, Jet Boil, Black Diamond, Camp, etc. I really love this type of photography. I love getting to know and hang out with the athletes. I love the adventure of getting out there, and I love how the images make me feel afterwards. I simply love climbing and being part of the climbing community. However, coming from the world of photojournalism and contract photography I have a hard time marketing this content for revenue after the fact. A big part of it is making the relationships with the brands and learning what content they want and shooting that. I was able to sell a couple images to Jet Boil which was a huge win in my book! Bottom line for me though is that I love this type of photography. It is what I am passionate about and it makes me feel alive while I’m doing it. I am fortunate that I have a strong enough business elsewhere to support this passion. The key to happiness (at least what I figured out so far) is balancing both worlds of work and play. Nothing new there, but it is amazing how much you have to try to this to make it happen. It’s so easy to let one take over and to lose that balance.

Hope you enjoys these images and they help inspire you to follow your passion. Thanks Ben and Mayan for being so passionate about what you do and letting me be part of it! Hope you are having an amazing time in Brazil!


I did a quick pan through all my images of 2013. Wow! What a trip. What a great way to visually see my last year. I recommend all photographers to do this. Not only did it help me see alot of images I have since put to bed, but it reminded me about the year. Here is to a another great year – 2014!!!

Vail Snow Daze

Last week I shot the Vail Snow Daze concert series for Vail Resorts. I really enjoy shooting this show as they generally bring decent names and it’s pretty much the biggest concert scene in Vail. Concert photography is what initially inspired me to become a photographer. As house photographer at the Vilar Performing Arts Center I still get to shoot a good bit of shows. The VPAC is a beautiful space with amazing sound that provides an intimacy that is like no where else. However the energy at a full scale concert stage is a whole different ball game, and that energy is what kind of got me into photography.  That is why I love shooting these shows!

Climbing in the Puoux

I love climbing photography! Climbing is a big part of my life and as such I think I am drawn shooting it. I have also got to know a few pro climbers in the process. Two of which are Mayan Smith-Gobat and Ben Rueck. Both travel the world and climb in some of the most amazing places on the planet. Hopefully someday I’ll figure out how to get on that band wagon, but until then I get to shoot them in my back yard on rare occasion. These were taken at the Puoux Climbing Area in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Keep on, keepin on!

California Road Trip

I recently took a trip to the California Coast. It was a quick one from San Fransicso to San Diego. I wish there would of been more time to stop and smell the roses, but it was cool to get an idea what is out there. I always struggle with vacations photos. Sometimes I have to force myself to take images. I think part of it is because I overwhelm myself with gear. So this time I went simple 50 mm. That’s it. It was a nice release. I did use my 200 for the seals and 1 cliff shot, but the rest was a 50 1.4. It felt very liberating. I suggest you try it!



As expected this off season has been particularly slow for me. It’s really been nice coming off of a crazy busy summer to take a step back, put the camera down and really evaluate the direction of my photography. Over the weekend I went on a raft trip through Westwater Canyon. It was a nice escape and really helped put things in perspective for me. Here are a couple images from the trip.


A senior shoot

I don’t usually do senior shoots, but when a friend asked me to do one for her I thought what the heck. I used it as an excuse to shoot and work on a couple things. Turns out the final result totally blew me away. So much so I had to share with you right away. Must be all those photo magazines I keep reading!

a hike in Beaver Creek

Yesterday during the Hike Wine and Dine event I scouted a location that I thought would be good for a stock shot thatI’m after for a client. I hiked back up there tonight during sunset to see if I could get it. Well on the way up I realized my orientation was wrong for sunset but great for sunrise. I didn’t get the shot I was after but I did get these two. Oh well. It feels good to be shooting for somewhat of a personal project! Have a good one! Z


Hike Wine Dine

Today I shot Hike, Wine, Dine for the Shaw Regional Cancer Center. At 9am it was raining and crappy. I did not want to shot outside today. At 10 when I arrived on site and started the hike. 30 minutes later the clouds lifited and the sun came out. By the end of the hike the clouds came back. Within an hour after the event it started raining and hasn’t stopped yet. I guess we got lucky! Another shoot that blows me away when I’m editing them. I am so lucky to call this place my back yard! Happy fall everyone!! Z